About Gateminder Corporation

The Gateminder Corporation was formed in 1999 and is a subsidiary of Tri-State First Banc, Inc. of East Liverpool, Ohio. Tri-State First Banc, Inc. is a NASDAQ traded company and also owns Gateminderís sister institution, 1st National Community Bank, as well as another non-bank subsidiary, MDH Investment Management, Inc.

In the 1990ís many Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs) were beginning to operate ATM machines for convenience stores, supermarkets, and other places of retail business. Unfortunately, some of these ISOs were not connected with any financial institutions and therefore did not have the necessary oversight that kept them operating in a proper manner.

One such ISO had several retail customers in eastern Ohio that also happened to be customers of 1st National Community Bank. This ISO suddenly stopped the processing of the ATM machines for which they had contracted and fled to Canada along with some of the proceeds.

These customers, who now owned ATM machines with no longer any network processor to drive them, came to the bank seeking help in asking if it could do the processing for them.

Initially, a casino in the area that had been a large depositor at the bank needed to have processing. Soon after we began their processing, several small retail locations such as convenience stores and supermarkets began processing with the bank with tremendous success at which time Tri-State First Banc, Inc. decided to form the Gateminder Corporation that would focus on this market.

After significantly growing its satisfied customer base in retail locations in the first few years of existence, Gateminder began to attract financial institutions such as credit unions, as well as banks, whose contracts were expiring from larger network processors that charged exorbitant monthly fees to drive their ATMs. These institutions, despite a large volume of ATM use, were actually losing money on their ATM programs due to the excessive monthly fees.

With no monthly fees, and letting our customers keep 100% of their surcharges, these financial institutionís programs are now flourishing under Gateminder and our customer base has grown to even greater numbers as those in our ranks shared their success stories with others. We now network process for federal and state credit unions, in addition to state and community banks as well as an increasing number of retail locations.

Today, Gateminder is driving financial institutions and retail establishments in several states from eastern Pennsylvania to Honolulu, Hawaii. Our locations also include diverse placements from courthouses and grocery store chains to coffee shops. We even have a machine located in the heart of Clevelandís cultural community in a concert hall.

In 2005, Gateminder and 1st National Community Bank were awarded the BKD Award for Excellence and Innovation by the Community Bankers Association of Ohio and appeared on the cover of the September 2005 issue of The Ohio Community Banker.

Despite the fact that we live in a world in which we are able to process networks in different time zones, and build relationships across the globe, we are proud of our heritage as a company and will never lose sight of the fact that our commitment to our customers always comes first - like the next door neighbors we helped when we began the company in the first place.

Gateminder Corporation

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