See how Gateminder is able to transform an ATM into a branch without the cost. Listen to a bank president tell you how his bank penetrated the market place with their brand name. Discover the opportunities your bank has to expand your ATM network through Gateminder.

Your bank can have a presence in practically any market it wishes. An ATM penetrates into the marketplace with your brand name at a fraction of the cost of another branch. Whether it is a grocery or convenience store, or a space at the mall, ATMs are an essential part of customer satisfaction with their financial institution.

Some banks are interested in an ATM program without having to administrate it or even own the ATMs. Gateminder can assist your bank in establishing or transforming your ATM program from an overall expense to a profit center.

We process many banks that have had the foresight to turn to the Gateminder model of ATM processing for some or all of their ATMs. There is absolutely no monthly cost for network processing!

Look to see some actual monthly statements of banks that decided to add “branches” in the form of just ATMs at locations in another marketplace and the success that they have had.

Listen to a bank president speak of what his bank did with Gateminder.